GPS Library’s New Automatic OSS License Notice

This will save developers work and eliminate errors in the process.

Google Play Services now offers an automatic way to list the open source software an app uses. The app developer no longer has to maintain a separate list of libraries in a dialog.

Instead, the new GPS Open Source Software gradle plugin will gather info from each library for you. If you add a new OSS library, this plugin will automatically add it to the notice. It’s one less task to remember.

The actual UI displays each library’s name as an item in a ListView. This is what it looks like (as of version 11.2.0):

(Note that I set that activity’s title to a custom string.)

When the user clicks an item, it displays some detailed info for that library. In this version, the info appears to be just an http URL to the license’s main online text:

Questions are handled at StackOverflow.

Written on September 10, 2017