Looking Forward to Final Release of Android Studio 3

Over three months ago, when the android team first announced Android Studio 3 , I installed it alongside Android Studio 2. But, after I ran into some mysterious bad behaviors, I decided to uninstall both versions. That solved the problem. But, I ultimately decided to reinstall only version 2 and wait for the stable 3.0 release to do a complete transition. I figured it would hit RC status pretty fast.

Today I noticed that the android team has withdrawn the beta 3 version..

Due to an issues with the Android Plugin for Gradle in Beta 3 (64527520), we’ve pulled it down and recommend that you not accept the update. If you already did, you can go back to Beta 2 by downloading here.

It looks like they have fixed a recurring bug in the upcoming beta 4 version. Hope that’s out soon. Still looking forward to all the nifty new features.

Written on August 29, 2017